Amazing Spider-Man #509 Writer: J. Michael Straczynski, Pencils: Mike Deodato, Jr.

Bah. Starbuck, what happened?

  • Gamora: I was adopted.
  • Loki: Me too!
  • Gamora: My "father" slew my parents in battle.
  • Loki: Wow, same here!
  • Gamora: He killed them right in front of me.
  • Loki: I was just an infant so I don't really...
  • Gamora: He changed me...
  • Loki: Mother was the one who changed me, actually...
  • Gamora: Tortured me...
  • Loki: Father could really raise his voice sometimes, hurt my ears and my feelings...
  • Gamora: Turned me into an assassin. Used me as a weapon.
  • Loki: ...
  • Gamora: I turned on him because I knew I finally had to stand up and do what's right.
  • Loki: Yes... look, this is getting awkward so...



Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2 #529

Have I said how much I love Mary Jane yet?

Straczynski, Garney

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Bucky. At Buc-ee’s. Forgot to post this little guy.


i am VERY old.



*sees bucky included in a gifset with villians*



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