Look at the sweet little innocent face.

Sally has taken over my desk.

Sleepy Sally.

Toe beans! #kittytoes #angelcakes


Fluidity warm up for commissions turned out to be really entertaining :DD

Give me all the platonic BuckNat or give me death.


Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #121 Writer: Peter David Pencils: John Romita & John Buscema


CS + Good night.

\o/ or just some random CS fluffiness.

this is probably the silliest thing I’ve ever drawn bye.


Favorite people and things in no particular order - (1/?) - Kaylee Frye.

"I don’t believe there’s a power in the ‘verse that can stop Kaylee from being cheerful."


Let me link Yall’ to this holy grail.
I present to you Character Design Reference
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I couldn’t even include all of the reference boards this blog contains on this photoset. That’s right! There’s EVEN MORE! There are pages and pages of them! It is an inspiration treasure trove!
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